International Mediterranean Sea Day was celebrated on 8 July, an opportunity to raise awareness of the state of health of the Mare Nostrum and the dangers that threaten it. The Mediterranean is a treasure chest of the marine biodiversity of our planet because, despite only having a surface area of approximately 1% of all oceans, it is home to over 12 thousand marine species, between 4 and 12% of the world’s marine biodiversity.


The Mediterranean Delta Association (DELTAMED) has been dealing with the analysis, discussion and treatment at an international level of the hydraulic, coastal, environmental, economic, productive and social problems of the Deltas, Lagoons and of the Mediterranean Wetlands, and in general of the territories affected by the effects of climate change, with particular attention to the promotion of sustainable development, the protection of the environment, ecosystems and quality of life, in the relevant territorial areas.


Not only a treasure chest of biodiversity, the Mediterranean Sea is also the engine and promoter of continuous debate and research work, the result of close collaboration with our international partners, in order to be able to know, protect and celebrate it not only on the occasion of its international day, but all the days.

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