From the November 28th to December 3th, Dr.Ravindra C. Joshi from the Government of Solomon Islands, who is an expert in apple snail plague, visited us at the request of Deltamed and Prodelta.

Mr. Masia, President of Deltamed, commissioned to find an expert in the control of plagues. After contacting FAO, on 29th of November 2010, Dr. Ravindra Joshi visited us. Dr. Ravindra with more than 22 years of experience in plagues like the Apple snail is one of the five best experts in plagues invader.

For a whole week he was visiting and talking with technicians from Delta Irrigation Communities, Department of Environment and Agriculture, Prodelta and Rice Sector. He concluded that the plague we have is one of the 100 most damaging invasive species on the planet. From his point of view it is impossible to eradicable but it is possible to control. We should mention that the plague could easily spread to other Mediterranean areas unless appropriate measures are taken.

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