Dear All,

FACE is an association of Senegalese people from Casamance, the region in the South of the country. They have been living in Italy, Spain, France, and the UK for many years. They are familiar with the issues of migration, which is becoming more and more dictated by necessity rather than by choice, and which is escalating with more and more dramatic results. FACE, Fedération des Associations Casamançais de l’Extérieur, promotes initiatives, that focus especially on the rural areas of the region, which aim to improve living conditions and to create the possibility for the Senegalese to choose, whether to live in their country or to leave it. Unfortunately at the moment, especially for the younger generations, leaving is not a choice but a desperate need, which often causes suffering, displacement and sometimes death.

Moreover, the reason why this project is important is because of what it represents symbolically: Africans writing and carrying out development activities for Africa represents empowerment, which is a starting point for a real change.

FACE has organised a number of meetings with local institutions and local people and a field visit in the region of Casamance, with the participation of technicians and experts in development issues. As a result, today a project proposal is being elaborated which, to move to the execution phase, needs a preliminary technical study and the formulation of a fully fledged technical document. This formulation phase is crucial and delicate and the future of the initiative depends on it.

An accurate work needs resources and I would be grateful for your contribution. You could get more detailed information on the project promoted by FACE, and on how to contribute, in the video and the documentation you will find in the attached links:

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