Visit to Egypt - Sept.23

These days, a Spanish delegation of Deltamed is in Egypt. Enrique Garcia Sabate, from the Instituto Agroambiental de las Tierras del Ebro, and Josep Manuel Ferrè Ayxendri, from the Comunidad General de Regantes del Canal de la Derecha del Ebro are visiting the Agricultural Research Center.

The prestigious Egyptian Research Center has been conducting for years an important research aiming at selecting salt-tolerant rice varieties, as key innovation to face the issue of soil salinization that afflicts vast areas of the planet as a result of climate change with reduced rainfall and salt wedge intrusion. The project is part of the National Rice Research Program, launched and led by Director Dr. Badawi Tantawi.

The visit is part of the institutional activities of Deltamed, which, since its founding in 2002, has set as its main goal to promote scientific debate and exchange of experiences on issues of pressing concern and international discussion.

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