For some time, one of the founders of the “Consorcio de Bonifica del Delta del Po Adige” has made several receptions to one of the delegations of Vietnam, which was particularly interested in the different ways of intervention and management of the lagoons in Po’s Delta.

During one of the meetings, the members of the delegation expressed their intention to export the method of action similar to its lagoon, in Hue, in the province of Thua Thien Hue, in the basin of the Perfume River (Song Huong) in Vietnam.

With the purpose of acquire the technical knowledge that has the “Consorcio de Bonifica del Delta del Po Adige”, the delegation of Vietnam expressed his interest in starting a relationship with Italy and especially with the region of Veneto, in the celebration of a collaboration protocol.

“El Consorcio” that manages the delta’s lagoons, which is integrated into Deltamed Association, is interested in the experience of Vietnam and in the initiation of the cooperation requested, through the exchange and use of engineering models and the environment, including the use the “International work for deltas and lagoons,” which was created in Ca Vendramin Foundation. The Vietnamese authorities and Prof. Massimo Sarti, have requested the presence of a delegation from Veneto and a Deltamed in Vietnam. Professor Massimo Sarti, who leads a team of experts, is developing a project in Vietnam for the integrated management of the lagoon area Tam Giang and Cau Hai (draft Imola), which is funded by FAO. The FAO project is designed to stop overfishing, wild and aquaculture development that helps to pollution and salinity of land, with serious consequences for the fate of those lagoons.

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