On May 20th 2014, in the city of Portogruaro, the members of the Technical work group met at the Consorzio di Bonifica Veneto Orientale headquarters. Among the issues dealt with, it is important to note:

1 Drawing up the accreditation certificate of the association for the European Union.

2 Proposal of acceptance as an ordinary member of the Association, to the Consorzio di Bonifica Veronese, represented either by the Chairman of the entity or his appointee.

3 A detailed report of the second stage of the project with IRTA on new varieties of rice.

4 Proposal carried out by the entity (Montsià Actiu) regarding the organization of the first working day of the Rice Territory Network (Red de Territorios Arroceros), located near the Protected Nature Reserves.

5 Regarding the study group dealing with the project “The management and development of water resources and the study of the territory”. It is agreed that Deltamed’s EU project advisor should find financing lines to make exchanges between schools and high schools in the different areas represented by the Network.

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