Today we had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of technicians and senior officials from the General Directorate of Hydraulic Works DSI (, an organization of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, with the purpose of studying significant examples of water resources management in different countries around the world.

The guests were welcomed in the V. Ronchi room by the General Director of Consorzio di Bonifica Veneto Orientale, Dr. Ing. Sergio Grego, and by the Deputy Director Dr. Agr. Graziano Paulon, who expressed their pleasure in welcoming expert technicians from a country of the Mediterranean area. The central issues of the exchange were related to climate change, which is increasingly affecting the Mediterranean coast, and which is a leading topic of the agenda of the Consortium and of Deltamed association.

Subsequently our technicians Dr. Ing. Erika Grigoletto and Dr. Agr. Giampaolo Rossi illustrated the characteristics of the consortium area and the daily activities we deal with.

The morning then continued with a visit to the Termine water pumping plant and the Brian support, where guests were able to learn the importance of the “Brian system” in the context of the sustainable management of water resources, with particular attention to irrigation practices.

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